Public Transport Scholastic Year 2019-2020

As you are aware, this scholastic year the Government introduced the scheme for Free School Transport for students attending Church and Independent  Schools. The scheme is being extended for next scholastic year. Now that the current scholastic year is coming to an end, we would be grateful if all parents/legal guardians of students attending Church and Independent Schools are reminded to apply either with any approved school transport provider or else directly at their respective school.


Pick up / Drop off points and times and any other arrangements are to be agreed directly between parents/legal guardians and the schools or transport providers.


A list of the official transport providers who signed the Agreement with MEDE to offer free school transport services for non-state schools is available on our website: By using the services of any of the listed official transport providers, parents can be assured that they will not be asked to pay any deposits or fees in relation to school transport.


Should you have any queries please contact the School Transport Section on 2598 1888 /